A Hug Isn’t Necessary, but Welcome New Employees with Open Arms

Matt| September 10, 2015| Managers

Remember those jitters you had on the first day of school? Well, that new temp in accounting is probably feeling the same way. In fact, temporary workers and part-time employees often feel intense first-day nerves because they are worried others will see their role in the company as less valuable. Whether or not that’s true, you’ll get the most out of these employees if you make them feel like a part of the team from day one.

Give them their own work space

Even if they’re going to be sitting at a desk in a common room or in someone else’s office, let a temporary worker have their own area. Don’t move them on a daily basis. Give them permission to decorate (within reason). To make a stronger impact, post a welcome sign over their computer.

Make introductions – in person and in email

Walk the employee around and introduce them to those in the immediate work area. If your company is small, take them around to everyone. If your company is large, just keep it to the people they are likely to interact with.

Have another employee show them the ropes

Assign another employee to take the new hire on a tour of the facilities. While showing them the break room for example, they can also provide useful tips (such as how the sales manager hates it when people leave dirty dishes in the sink) to help them adjust to a new office culture. Allowing a co-worker perform that task creates a different dynamic, and enables the new employee to feel comfortable asking more questions.

Your managers know onboarding is important for your permanent full-time employees, but what’s the benefit in welcoming temporary employees or part-time workers?

  • Enhanced performance – You hired these employees to achieve a goal. The best way to inspire them to meet (or even exceed) those levels is to show them they are welcomed, valued and appreciated.
  • Better engagement – When new employees, even temporary ones, are welcomed with open arms, they feel comfortable receiving feedback, asking questions or seeking guidance.
  • Faster results – Temporary and part-time employees can hit the ground running if you take the time to get them adjusted to the office culture. They can focus on their priority projects instead of wandering around trying to find the copier.
  • Improved collaboration – When everyone feels like a valued team member, your entire staff will work more harmoniously. Employees will be more receptive to ideas and input from all levels.

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