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The world of IT is becoming more diverse and specialized by the nanosecond. That’s why we’re extra careful when vetting IT specialists. We make sure our candidates are on top of the latest trends and can work with new systems and technologies.

We don’t just look for tech geeks. We look for those who are collaborators, team players, and even team leaders. We also address the creative side of technology and can supply graphic designers, digital programmers, and experts in video production.

Here are the most requested IT positions we fill:

  • Desktop Support
  • Help Desk
  • Network Administration
  • System Administration
  • Web Developer
  • Programmer/Coder (Front-End and Back-End)
  • Application Developer
  • Graphic Designer

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Qualified and Certified

At Long Island Temps, we also take into account safety and regulatory code compliance for the many industries we serve, which include food, pharma and consumer packaged goods manufacturing and warehouse operations.

But most important, we demand dependability and consistent performance from all our candidates.  Maybe that's why so many companies want to hold on to them.

I’m a department of one. I’m supposed to be an expert in every facet of HR, and when it comes to hiring, I’m not the expert. Long Island Temps is the one trustworthy resource that helps me.

Director of HR & Administration, Global Manufacturer of Consumer Product Goods

I chose Long Island Temps because they got it done. I needed someone fast and Long Island Temps delivered.

Manager, National Healthcare Equipment Supplier

We’re dealing with millions of dollars of freight in the warehouse, and we need to be able to trust our workers. Long Island Temps are good people to deal with, which is hard to find today. They background check everyone, and you get good people.

Owner, Large Logistics Company

Long Island Temps is very knowledgeable about staffing and the local talent pool. They understand the Long Island market and how it’s different from other markets.

Senior Partner, Multi-Practice Law Firm