What We Offer

Long Island Temps understands the importance of placing talent that have the core competencies, character, and organizational fit suited for each position. More than just a temporary staffing agency, Long Island Temps is a leading full-service staffing solution and consultancy. We serve a broad cross-section of Long Island businesses and industries, and we take the time to become familiar with our clients and their specific hiring requirements. We also get to know our candidates as people and not just workers, so that we find the right environment for them to thrive. This personalized approach leads to placements that are fast, accurate and successful–the talent you’ll want to keep.



Our temps are not just names on a resume. They are people with varying needs, skills and personalities that have to be considered for every match. We support and care for our temps because they’re our employees—but we send only the best-matched temps because, ultimately, they work for you. We work closely with you and take the time to understand your business in order to find the right fit and support for every need. And you can feel confident knowing that everything we do is backed by our “First Day Free Guarantee.”

  • Deep vetting and support– whether for a one-day, one-month, or ongoing assignment
  • Every temp matters– regardless of skill set, length of assignment, or schedule
  • We take your needs as an employer seriously, whether you require fifteen temps or just one
  • Quick turnaround time– because when you need temps, you need them fast
  • Our recruiters actively search for top Long Island talent across many industries, job types, and levels of experience


Temp to Perm

As a “working interview,” temp to perm is a great way for clients and job seekers to find the right fit, especially in a tight job market. Employers can get work done and experience the employee in their environment, while employees can get a feel for the job and see if it’s the right long-term opportunity for them. Very often the assignment starts out with one expected set of needs and requirements, but then redefines itself and evolves into something new over time. This can benefit both the business and the employee, especially if that employee brings unexpected yet valued skills and ideas to the table. Occasionally, employers discover that while the job was intended to be temporary, they love the temp so much that they find a new role for him or her.

At Long Island Temps, we take the time to think through all of these scenarios and details, which might explain why 75 percent of our temps become permanent employees.

  • We promote the “working interview” approach for any staffing need
  • Our clients get to make very informed hiring decisions in a tight talent market
  • You gain a firsthand look at how our temps interact with your team
  • Win-win for both candidates and clients to assess competency, character, and culture
  • Benefit from a collaborative recruiting approach



Don’t let the name fool you. Long Island Temps also provides experienced and talented candidates for a wide range of permanent positions across diverse industries. We know a lot about Long Island’s business and staffing landscapes and maintain a fresh pipeline of qualified active and passive job seekers throughout the area. And our comprehensive recruitment process ensures we match each candidate with your requirements, workplace environment, and company values.

Here’s how:

  • Recruitment beyond the job description for the best overall fit
  • Cultivate the freshest pipeline of talent on Long Island
  • Salary planning and analysis for the right compensation strategy
  • Expertise with different industries, job types, and levels of experience

We are client-driven, not commission-driven, which means all of our recruiters work together towards a common goal: yours.