Why Local Is Better

Matt| March 20, 2015| News

When looking to fill a position in your company, one of the first decisions you might ask yourself is should I contact a local, national or even global staffing company.

Admittedly, there can be some advantages to working with a national ‘behemoth’ staffing agency, but we’d like to humbly suggest that working with a local firm has a lot more advantages and is the better choice.

Home Field Advantage

You should think of a home team as having an advantage over a visiting team in that they are familiar with every inch of the field, court or rink and the same goes for a staffing agency.

Local staffing firms know the local talent pool, job market and economic conditions. Long Island Business News recently reported that wages have stagnated in Nassau and Suffolk counties and our company is more deeply connected to that fact than a national agency could ever be. We understand what local workers are going through and this helps us connect them to the best opportunities.

In addition to knowing what factors are affecting workers, local agencies understand the talent market in their area and what type of applicants best suit a company’s needs.  Knowledge of local, corporate history and related hiring trends make for well-informed staffing decisions.

More Responsive

With fewer layers of management, decisions at a local company can be made much faster than at big corporations. This means seeing prospects and moving the process along at a faster pace than working with a national staffing firm.

Also, local companies only deal with local workers. National companies may have access to prospects across the country, but this means conducting virtual or telephone interviews. Working with a local firm almost always means meeting your candidates face to face.

A local company is also more likely to deliver customized, on-demand service to its clients. Smaller local firms can better tailor a staffing solution to a company’s needs because they are leaner and quicker.

Good for the Community

There’s a big movement in the restaurant industry to ‘go local’ because it is more sustainable and the same goes for staffing. Connecting local jobs to local workers is a rising tide that lifts all boats. It strengthens community bonds, which ultimately grows the business community.

Working with a local firm is also good PR. Your company can be proud to say that it deals exclusively with other local companies and your customers will take notice.

Long Island Temps is a local company that can provide the informed staffing solutions you need with custom and on-demand service. Simply drop us a line and together we can grow our business community – one worker at a time.