No Pocket Protector Needed for These Six Smartphone and Tablet Apps

Matt| April 28, 2015| News

You’re always busy and time is at a premium. Make things a bit easier for yourself by leveraging the power of your smartphone or tablet. You know, those things you play Candy Crush on.

Google Drive

Combine storage capacity with Google’s cloud-based tools and you have one of the most powerful apps for business. Using Google Drive means you’re no longer chained to your power-hungry, Wi-Fi dependent laptop when it comes to accessing or working on spreadsheets, presentations and other important files. Google Drive also helps with collaboration by showing you which team member is looking at or editing a document.


Now that you’ve got all your documents and files in an accessible and editable location, you’ll need to use them to complete tasks. Asana is one of the best apps on the market for task and project management. This app allows you to organize projects, delegate and discuss assignments, while tracking your team’s progress. Collaboration hinges on communication, and Asana helps to ensure everyone is on the same page.


You can take maximum advantage of your phone’s or tablet’s power by automating tasks through IFTTT. Short for ‘if this, then that,’ the IFTTT app listens for events, such as a new email or calendar event, and then takes action. For example, if you attend numerous meetings throughout the day, IFTTT can mute your phone during scheduled meeting times.


Hootsuite is a must for those with social media responsibilities, and let’s face it, that accounts for the majority of people in today’s business environment. Hootsuite allows you to track all your social media profiles, follow industry hashtags, and even schedule Tweets or posts throughout the course of a day. This app helps you remain part of online conversations, no matter the place or time.


Speaking of social media, our various platforms serve as extended contact lists, and Contactually can help you maintain a strong relationship with your contacts. You never know where the next lead or opportunity might come from. Contactually boots your “relationship ROI” by keeping those many, many relationships from growing cold. The app lets you group your various contacts into “buckets” – like friends or sales leads – and then allows you to follow-up with each bucket at pre-determined intervals. Contactually even has automated tools for wishing someone a happy birthday or following up after an important meeting.


Keeping in touch with people virtually is easy; it’s the IRL interactions that can be challenging. Well, there’s an app for that too. The smartphone app Refresh can sync all your social media platforms so you are armed and ready with information about bosses’, co-workers’ and acquaintances’ interests and latest activities via their social media posts. Striking up a conversation with that sales lead or regional manager will be a lot easier if you know he’s a Chelsea FC fan just like you.

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