Would Your Mom Approve of That Tweet?

Matt| March 2, 2016| News

Given the rising popularity of social media, it’s rather easy for an individual to state their true feelings and emotions. While this very well may be the point of social media in general, the fact that employers and hiring managers are now using social media to perform their own background checks on potential recruits may cause you to think twice before hitting the Send button.

In fact, recent industry studies from the Pew Research Center state that 79 percent of job recruiters use an applicant’s online profile to aide in the decision-making process. Moreover, 70 percent  say they’ve personally rejected a candidate as a result of their online presence. As a good rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t want your mother, father or other family members to read a specific post, then you really shouldn’t post it.

Avoid Posting When You Are Emotional

There’s no denying the fact that some of us are prone to making sudden decisions based on our emotions at any given time.  This often causes us to express ourselves in the most immediate and convenient manner available, which currently happens to be social media. However, posting while you are in an emotional state is rarely a good idea.

Although you may be tempted to post a rant about a bad experience with a co-worker or boss, this typically does much more harm than good. While it may feel good to get these thoughts off your chest, social media is simply not the platform for it. Apart from the possibility that your post will be seen by those who you are ranting against, people who focus on negativity are bound to make a poor impression amongst their friends and peers.

Understanding Privacy Settings

Some social media sites, such as Facebook, include a bevy of privacy options that allow you to customize the way content, including your posts, are displayed and shown to others. Despite these options, which can sometimes be confusing or misleading, you should always take heed when posting on such sites. Apart from the chance that you haven’t covered all of your bases, a personal profile is always susceptible to hackers and other Internet-based threats that may reveal hidden or private posts to the general public.

Remember, the simple act of hiding or limiting the viewership of a post is not enough to keep it from prying or scrutinizing eyes. This information can still be uncovered, whether through accident, maliciousness or even cunning research, and it can  damage your professional reputation in the long run.

Utilizing Various Platforms

With the explosion of social media into mainstream culture, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of active networking sites to choose from. Some sites, such as LinkedIn, were created with the specific purpose of pushing and promoting a 21st-century workforce. Others, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are designed more for personal usage. Despite the intended purpose of the site, employers have been known to use all of the popular sites when researching a new recruit or candidate.

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