Show Your Job Candidates Some Love

Matt| February 25, 2016| Managers

It’s no secret that job seekers sometimes experience anxiety, stress and even fear when applying to a new job. Even after the interview process concludes, and one enters the initial orientation process, some amount of underlying anxiety can still linger. As such, it’s important you take every step possible to ensure your new recruits feel welcome with your team. Not only is this crucial to the productivity and effectiveness of the candidate in question, it can even affect the ongoing success of your permanent staff members.

Make Your Candidates Comfortable

A recruit that is preoccupied with anxiety or stress is far more likely to make a mistake or misspeak, so keep this in mind during your first meeting with an applicant.

Next, try to introduce any new recruits or candidates to your staff. While you don’t necessarily have to provide introductions for every single member of your workforce, introducing a new recruit to their immediate teammates, peers and supervisors can go a long way in making a new employee feel at home.

Additionally, remember that you don’t have to ask for a candidate’s resume during your very first meeting. Instead, some hiring managers choose to use this time as a means of getting to know an applicant’s personality, demeanor and attitude. This can also ease some of the stress and anxiety that is normally felt by new recruits and inexperienced job seekers.

Uphold Appointments and Commitments

Although you might have some candidates that cancel or skip out on their appointments entirely, you should always make it a topmost priority to uphold all of your scheduled appointments and commitments. Not only will this affect the reputation of any hiring manager as well as the company, it may cause you to miss out on a perfectly qualified candidate.

Sometimes you have absolutely no choice but to miss an appointment or commitment. If this is the case, try to secure an adequate replacement to lead the initial meeting, interview or orientation. However, this isn’t always a viable option.

If you absolutely must reschedule an appointment or commitment, give your candidates adequate notice. Provide them with a new appointment at this time, if possible. Not only is this common professional courtesy, it can also serve to reiterate your interest in a particular candidate.

Communicate Regularly

As a manager or supervisor, you should already be well aware of the need for constant and consistent communication within the workplace. With this in mind, place a greater emphasis on communication when dealing with new applicants and potential recruits. Not only will this give you a chance to share your own tips and advice, it gives the candidate a chance to ask any questions they might have.

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