Are You Unique? Should Your Resume Be?

Matt| June 22, 2015| News

Search for ‘unique resume ideas’ and you’re bound to find any number of listicles featuring everything from a T-shirt resume to convincingly designed candy bar wrappers.

Aside from their value as novelties and click-bait fodder, are these resumes worth the time and effort? Should you send out a slick infographic or post a creative YouTube video as a way to land that dream job?

The answer is: It all depends on the context.

Things to consider

The best way to determine if a unique resume will be well received is to consider the job, the industry and the way in which the posting is presented.

Obviously, those working in advertising, communication, graphic design and marketing should see their resume as an opportunity to show off their relevant skill sets. For example, if you’re a graphic designer – go ahead and format your resume as a movie poster. If you’re a broadcast journalist, go ahead and post a video resume to YouTube in newscast format.

Like certain jobs, a few industries lend themselves to the creation of unique resumes. From Google   down to the simplest local startup, the tech industry generally prizes out-of-the-box thinking, and a creative resume conveys that attitude immediately. Likewise, the advertising and marketing industries are attracted to custom made resumes.

Finally, you can tell how open a company might be to a unique resume format by the way they post their job opening. For instance, a company seeking a ‘Copy Ninja’ to create ‘killer content’ should be more open to  a unique resume than a company that lists the standard job qualifications in its job posting.

How to create a unique resume

A unique resume begins with a good idea. If you create something different, be sure to run it by professionals within the industry you’re targeting to get a sense of just how good that idea actually is. Last night’s brilliant epiphany often becomes this morning’s laughable moment.

If you want to stand out, but don’t want to swing for the fences, adding a few tasteful design elements to a standard resume can be an excellent way to express your skill set and personality. However,  be aware that many companies use software to scan resumes for keywords, so avoid using comic sans or any  kind of wacky font that might not get picked up by scanners

Be sure to also have a standard, unembellished resume on hand should a prospective employer require one. A more innovative resume may catch additional attention, but ultimately some companies just want the facts.

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