Make Remote Workers Feel Like They’re Sitting in Your Office

Matt| December 28, 2015| Managers

While remote workers can be highly beneficial to an organization’s bottom line, there are a number of unique challenges presented when utilizing such employees. One of the  most substantial challenges seen thus far comes in the way of trying to ensure assimilation, synchronization and cohesion between remote staff and those that are tied down to a physical location. Fortunately, for employers who maintain such a split workforce, there are a number of proven techniques that can be used to bridge that gap and drive productivity across the board.

Don’t Be Afraid to Over-Communicate

Given the fact that communication is so critical in the 21st century, it’s important that employers, managers and supervisors maintain constant contact with their staff during work hours. While this is easily achieved when everyone is in the same building, it can actually be quite challenging when working with remote staff.

Make Use of All the Available Technology

You’re probably familiar with the highly advanced technology available to employers today. In fact, you’re probably already using some sort of technology in order to maintain contact with your remote employees. However, it’s important that you make use of all available technology in order to provide your remote staff with a virtual office environment.

Instant messaging, either through a desktop, laptop or mobile device, is a common method for staying up-to-date with the productivity of your remote employees. The biggest drawback to this form of communication, however, is the fact that individual carriers, especially with mobile devices, can be unreliable. This may result in delayed contact or even messages that are missed entirely.

Email is another popular method of communicating with remote employees. While this provides a highly efficient and reliable means of maintaining contact with a remote-based staff, it isn’t always instantaneous. Moreover, email servers have been known to fall offline on occasion.

Videoconferencing is a great method of maintaining contact with your remote employees. Not only does this give you the opportunity to visually confirm individual employees, but teleconferencing technology can even be used to organize group-based meetings in real-time.

Required Office Visits

Employers who offer remote-based work typically require their employees to spend some amount of time within a company office or other establishment. By requiring regular office visits of your entire staff, including remote workers, employers are able to better ensure the long-term motivation, productivity and success of their entire workforce. Moreover, any timelines or milestones can be tracked more easily and efficiently through regularly scheduled, face-to-face communications.

Industry Conferences

Finally, requiring your remote staff to attend various conferences, seminars and events is a great way to make them feel like a part of your team. Not only does this give you the chance to connect with these employees in an environment that isn’t the workplace, but it can present new opportunities for networking on behalf of you, your employees and your company.

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