Planning an Office Egg Hunt

Tracey Minella| March 25, 2016| Nassau Jobs

Remember the thrill of Easter egg hunting? Well, who says egg hunts are just for kids?

You can be the most awesome office manager, the coolest boss, or the cleverest co-worker by organizing the First Annual Office Egg Hunt! Doesn’t that sound egg-citing!

Just picture everyone’s face when you announce it. What a great way to send the crew off for the holiday weekend…or a fun surprise to welcome them back on Monday morning!

It’s simple and can be organized in a lunch hour:

Go out and buy a bunch of those colorful, two-piece plastic eggs—get the biggest ones you can find. Dollar stores and drug stores have them. Then, fill them with fun stuff that will make your employees’ or co-workers’ jobs easier, will make them laugh, or will make them feel appreciated. The key is F-U-N.

Listen, you know your co-workers/employees best, so give it some thought and really personalize the fillers. But to get you started, here are some ideas:

  • Breath mints (*wink), candy, gum
  • Small office supplies (erasers, mini sticky note pads…)
  • AA batteries
  • Stickers/Tattoos (trust me)
  • $5 gift cards (i.e. Starbucks®/Dunkin Donuts®/Subway®)
  • Fun I.O.U.s/coupons
  • Wine (just kidding)

The I.O.U.s/coupons will likely need the boss on board, but that’s where the creativity and fun really comes in. Imagine opening an egg with a coupon for a half day off?? Or even a “leave 30 minutes early” or “extra lunch hour” or “come in 30 minutes late” coupon? Does the company have season tickets to something fun and could spare a pair? What would your office workers love to find in their eggs?

The return in productivity, appreciation, and morale would be fantastic. So, what are you waiting for? Get hopping!

Plus, if you’re really egg-cited, there are several egg hunts happening for kids and families on Long Island this weekend.