That Office Ping-Pong Table? It Won’t Keep Your Star Employees

Matt| December 7, 2015| Managers

Retaining top talent in the 21st century is rarely a straightforward process. While maintaining a fun, light-hearted and relaxed office setting is important when it comes to attracting and to some extent, retaining employees; simple perks are not enough to keep your star employees content with their position in the long run. It’s important that you take a number of other steps to ensure employee satisfaction and improve staff retention.

Promoting Your Company Culture

Today’s employees typically value work environments where they feel comfortable. Moreover, most staff members want to play a valuable role on their team. With this in mind, it’s crucial that you make every effort to welcome and assimilate your employees into your company’s culture.

Long-Term Benefits

While short-term, tangible perks may be enough to attract an initial roster of qualified workers, most employees are seeking a long-term benefits package. The comprehensiveness of such a package is up to the individual employer, but you may want to consider the benefit packages of your industry peers as a means of staying competitive. Not only does this ensure a low turnover rate amongst your staff, but it also helps to uphold a positive reputation within the industry.

Professional Flexibility

Today’s top talent, particularly those who have a lengthy career, crave flexibility within the workplace. Not only do these staff members value professional freedom, but, in most cases, they deserve it. Don’t be afraid to provide your star employees with as much freedom and flexibility as possible. Possible solutions include choices regarding scheduling, additional vacation time or the opportunity to work remotely.

Appreciation and Recognition

Showing professional appreciation and recognition for your star employees is critical to retaining talent for years to come. There are a number of ways to express your appreciation and recognize the contributions of your top employees. This can include monetary bonuses, workplace awards, bulletin boards and even group-oriented meetings. Employers are free to choose whichever methods work best for them and their staff, but it’s important to maintain consistency.

Room for Advancement

While professional appreciation and recognition is important, employees are very rarely satisfied with dead-end jobs. Therefore, provide your top talent with the opportunity for professional development. Not only can this improve the long-term morale and happiness of the employee in question, but it can pay off huge dividends in the form of productivity and even team-based morale within your organization.

Professional development and advancement can come in many different forms. While promotions and salary increases are often sought after, they aren’t always a viable option. In this case, try to provide your top talent with the opportunity for additional training or education. That training could even be used to help the employee cultivate skills for future advancement opportunities.

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