Like Pharell… Make Your Office “Happy” to Improve Culture

Matt| March 17, 2015| Managers

It might seem crazy, but keeping employees ‘happy’ can do more than put a spring in their step. It can boost productivity and keep your all-star workers around for the long haul.

A happy work place doesn’t mean taking on a ‘who cares’ attitude, where a boss tries to be best friends with the staff. It means setting up a culture where people feel comfortable, are excited to contribute and more willing to go the extra mile.

Tell employees they come first.

For almost every company, the customer always comes first, but for Southwest Airlines and Marriott Hotels – they tell their employees that they come first. The companies’ thought process is that workers who are treated well will turn right around and treat customers just as well.

Putting employees first should start from day one. We all know how tough that first day on the job can be, so why make it even harder by not making them feel welcome? Hold a luncheon or social event to welcome a new employee. First impressions of a group of people can go a long way and making a new hire feel part of the team means the earliest possible buy-in to the company’s goals and culture.

Instill a sense of ownership.

When your workers walk through the door each morning, they should feel like they’re walking into a place in which they have a stake. They should feel like the product being made or service being provided is coming from them. Workers that feel like they have ownership in an organization tend to rally around a common goal, and even manage themselves to some degree.

A great way to build a sense of ownership is to keep workers informed of how their company or department is performing. If goals are being met, tie these achievements directly to rewards and positive feedback from customers or other staff members.

Offer flexibility.

For most people, doing one task over and over again sounds like a nightmare, not a job. To avoid this situation in the workplace, give your best performers new responsibilities. This will allow them to feel more confident and valuable to the organization. They also might approach new tasks with fresh eyes and the ability to offer a unique insight.

You might also consider offering flexibility with respect to telecommuting and scheduling. If a job can be done from home and a worker needs to take care of things there, extending a bit of goodwill and letting them telecommute can maintain productivity while keeping them satisfied.

Keep workers happy while still being the boss.

When you’re trying to make workers happy, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of being the ‘cool boss.’ However, you still have to make the hard decisions that come with being a leader.

Employees will understand if you make an unpopular decision, but it’s best if your decisions have a consistent logic to them. Don’t come in with a relaxed attitude one day and a rigid one the next. Consistency will avoid confusion and let workers know what is expected of them.

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