Make an Investment in Your Employees, Not the Stock Market

Matt| April 14, 2015| Managers

When you hire a new employee, a large up-front investment goes into getting them up to speed. Unfortunately, at some companies, this is the last time their employer will ever invest in them or their skill set.

Employees are like retirement plans – the more you invest in them, the better positioned you are for the future.

Of course, it all starts with hiring the right people. You can invest all you want in a bad employee; they still aren’t going to give you much back in return.

Why invest in employees

Assuming your company has done a good job of filling the staff with quality people, investing in those people will produce even bigger returns.

These workers might be hardworking and honest, but some of them probably need to boost their communication skills, or become better organized. With the proper training, these workers will continue to work harder and more efficiently for your company.

Another great reason to boost your employees’ skills is that they appreciate it, and might even see it as a break from their day-to-day routine. While taking the staff out for a long lunch or giving them the afternoon off provides a mental break, certain kinds of training offer that same break while providing the benefit of investment.

This type of training also engages employees and makes them feel supported. Engaged employees are more likely to contribute ideas or extra effort in support of a company.

Investing can also boost a company’s reputation as being a “good place to work.” This kind of reputation adds that little something extra when trying to acquire top talent.

How to invest in your employees

Two of the more obvious ways to invest in your employees are – investments in new technology and job training.

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute, investing in technology isn’t investing in employees!”

But you’d be wrong, partially. Providing workers with smartphones or tablet computers shows employees you want to empower them with technology. People also see these devices as perks or status symbols, reinforcing the idea that this is a great place to work and I should brag about it to colleagues and friends.

Investing in employee training through webinars or presenters is effective, but it may not accomplish the goal of providing a mental break or creating a real feeling of genuine investment.

Instead, consider giving employees a choice on how to improve their skill set or knowledge base. Set aside a budget and range of options and let them choose what interests them the most. These options might even include training outside the workplace.

A great way to invest in the very best employees in your company is to introduce them to influential people or thought leaders connected to your company. These introductions can develop into a relationship that not only improves the connection to this influential person, but helps to connect that top employee to a larger picture outside the company walls.

Investing in employees all starts with the right staff. Long Island Temps is a great resource when it comes to building your talent pool. Feel free to contact us for people worth investing in.