Fun Time Management Tips for Daylight Savings Time

Tracey Minella| March 10, 2016| Personal Development

Hey Long Islanders, it’s Daylight Savings Time this weekend. Time to “spring forward” on Sunday and gain an extra hour of daylight (yeah!)…and lose an extra hour of sleep (#$&%*!).

Seriously, one hour of time lost is a small price to pay for longer sunny days, right? Besides, with a bit of time management, you can fill that extra hour of sunlight in ways that will make you forget those 60 winks of lost sleep.

We Long Islanders like to work hard and play harder. So what’s on your to-do list this weekend? Chores, fun, or a bit of both?

Regardless of your plans, be sure to get outside at some point and take in the warm spring weather that just rolled in. Spring cleaning, garage sales, gardening, and taking down the Christmas lights (yes, it’s time) are all great ideas for those project-loving types.

Got spring fever? Still feeling that lost hour of sleep? Well, drive to (or thru) your favorite coffee joint …is it Starbucks, 7-11, or Dunkin Donuts? Then, check out some of these fun things to do right here on Long Island this weekend: There is something for everyone… from parades to a book signing with “The Fonz”…and much of it is free. Some events even start as early as Thursday for you party animals.

It’s hard to face the work week after a fun weekend, but don’t be sad when Sunday’s over. Remember, starting this week, it’ll be a bit lighter outside each day when you come home from work. Now that’s enough to make you smile on a Monday morning.