Encourage Your Employees to be Social

Matt| October 28, 2015| News

Many employers strive to limit water cooler chit chat, viewing social behavior as a distraction from work. However, encouraging your employees to engage with each other socially shouldn’t necessarily be considered an outright negative. There are many benefits to a socially interactive workforce.

Team building is about creating a workforce that can both listen and lead, with a focus on collaboration that emphasizes strengths and supports weaknesses. When your employees work together more harmoniously, the entire company is more productive and successful.

However, when your workers hear the term “team building,” they usually expect silly games that have to do with dropping eggs via homemade parachutes. They often wonder how will this activity make me a better employee.

Well, we wonder that, too! Team building is essential. It strengthens departments, enhances collaboration and improves morale. However, all of that potential can be lost if the activities don’t hit the mark.

3 Reasons Why Social Employees Are Good for Business

Better Collaboration. Employees who develop a social rapport often work more harmoniously together. When conflict does arise, the social bond allows them to resolve the situation on their own.

Stronger Support. When your employees get to know each other socially, they develop more empathy for each other. This will enable them to come together during stressful times and support one another when a project is overpowering or they fall behind.

Improved Morale. Employees are happier when they are allowed to engage with each other regarding off-work interests. Employees with children can share advice and encouragement, just like ones with similar sport interests can relieve a little pressure. Overall, encouraging your employees to interact socially will boost their moods and perspectives.

3 Ways to Encourage Social Interaction

Take a Field Trip. Get everyone out of the office so they are more relaxed and can interact freely, without the formality of office life. Encouraging your employees to get to know each other away from their cubicles will improve the way they work together when they’re back in the office.

Volunteer as a Group. Ask your employees to choose a nonprofit to support and then encourage them to work together as a team to raise funds for this cause. This will give them the opportunity to make an impact on their community and improve teamwork.

Group Professional Development. Recognize those who have strong leadership qualities and place them in management workshops together. If new technology appears to be a good fit for your company, provide your employees with hands-on training. Remember, new challenges and new educational experiences often inspire innovative ideas and boosted productivity.

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