Be the Person You Want To Be Online – Build Your Brand Every Day

Matt| April 21, 2015| News

From Apple to Red Bull, corporations have leveraged successful brand building into the overall growth of their entire business. But now, thanks to social media, brands aren’t just the domain of large multi-national conglomerates.

Every day it seems like we’re reading about the latest social media phenomenon whose posts or content has been viewed by millions around the world. And the great thing is – these people are probably just like you.

Most of us already have a social media presence, and building a brand simply involves tailoring your profiles and interactions in a conscious way. Before you know it, your network will be expanding and with that expansion comes more professional opportunities.

Personal branding basics

Your personal brand should be a natural extension of your own personality. In the same way that we present an edited version of ourselves on a personal Facebook page, you should also post your professional accomplishments and business-related activities on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Going to Washington D.C. for a conference? Post it to your profiles and give regular updates from the conference. If a search on social media turns up others who are interested in the event, or those that are attending themselves, take the opportunity to have an exchange with them through social media.

In addition to associating with events and people in your industry, be sure to connect your personal brand with strong well-known brands – such as the college you attended or a former company you worked for. Associating with these brands is a way to reconnect with alumni and former colleagues.

You may want to mix in some lighter content with your professional content and networking by incorporating personal interests or expertise in a subject. If you’re a huge Mets fans, your Twitter page should reflect that. If you’re always cooking up something unique in the kitchen, sprinkle in a few posts about your latest creations.

These interests shouldn’t be the bulk of your content, but they tell your story. From Martha Stewart to Richard Branson, the best personal brands are built around an individual’s  narrative. So take a tip from these gurus and start telling your story.

A few pro tips

If you’re looking to take your personal brand building to the next level, you should seriously consider blogging. Google-owned Blogger is a great way to go and it has the added advantage of ranking you high in search results. If you’re blogging on the company website, consider using Google Authorship though a Google+ profile. It can take some time to set up, but Google Authorship also provides the advantage of higher Google search rankings for your posts – making them easier to find.

Another way to develop your branding game is to create a personal website. The website doesn’t need to be a stroke of design or programming genius, but it should have a space for your bio, resume, and links to your social profiles. You should plan on adding to the site over time to create a professional online appearance.

Long Island Temps is a local company that can help you build your brand and personal story. Simply drop us a line and we can get started on writing the next chapter.