Give the Gift of Being a Better Leader in 2016

Matt| December 15, 2015| Managers

The dawn of the New Year provides plenty of opportunities for improvement in the workplace. Leaders can use this time to develop their own leadership skills. Not only does this benefit an individual as well as the company, but improving your skills as a leader is a great way to cultivate long-term success amongst your entire team. With that in mind, there are a number of strategies you can use in order to bolster your reputation as a leader in 2016.

Listen and Respond Accordingly

One of the most common traits of a great leader is the ability to listen and respond to the input of their team members. Soliciting such input from the frontlines is crucial when trying to gain a better understanding of day-to-day operations, productivity and success, but it’s useless if the information isn’t used when making decisions in the workplace.

Moreover, while many leaders are great at listening, some tend to suffer from the inability to respond appropriately. Direct suggestions should always be considered thoroughly and, if necessary, given a second opinion by your own superiors. If such a suggestion is rejected, regardless of the reason, always follow through with the employee in question. Not only does this let your staff members know that their input is being heard, but it also provides an opportunity to field any remaining questions, concerns or issues that an employee may have.

Setting Your Employees Up For Success

Taking the time to set your employees up for success is one of the most effective strategies you can take when trying to succeed as an organization. Not only will your employees appreciate the fact that you are actively participating in their professional development, but your organization will see increased productivity and success as a result.

Become a Teacher

Assuming the role of a workplace teacher or instructor can be highly beneficial when trying to build your reputation as an effective team leader. There are a number of different strategies you can take, from hands-on instruction to classroom-type lectures and even homework assignments.

While you’ll want to avoid coming off as too overbearing or forceful in your instruction, those who are capable of teaching others, either in a one-on-one basis or within a group-oriented setting, will have better control over the cohesion, development and long-term success of their team members.

Regardless of the methods you choose to implement, just make sure to weigh the demands of any newly implemented training programs with those of an employee’s daily job responsibilities. If a training program begins to affect productivity in a negative manner, it may be time to nix the opportunity altogether.

Lead By Example

Finally, the best and most successful leaders always lead their team members by setting a positive and productive example on a daily basis. While it may be difficult to uphold the determination and mindset needed for a leadership role, it is a challenge that can be overcome by those who are dedicated.

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