Don’t Drop the Ball – Avoid Employee Turnover

Matt| September 23, 2015| Managers

When an employee quits, it can cost employers thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. You have to spend time and money to recruit and screen applicants, then interview the top candidates. With these resources used and productivity lost, wouldn’t it be better to not have to fill a vacant position in the first place? Not necessarily…

The most effective way to reduce turnover is to keep your good employees happy. Raises, time off and promotions top the list, but there are other, less expensive ways to accomplishment this. Remember, benefits and pay often aren’t the most critical motivators. Job satisfaction, appreciation and meaningful work stand a better chance of keeping your best employees engaged on a long-term basis.

4 Ways to Reverse Employee Turnover

  • Celebrate small wins. Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done. It doesn’t take a formal ceremony or a fancy dinner to make value known. When your employees achieve milestones, celebrate. Bring in cupcakes or write a personal thank-you note. Hand out gift cards for a free cup of coffee or throw in an extra vacation day. Do what it takes to let your workers know that they are valued and valuable.
  • Collaborate on performance planning and review. Focus your review meetings on balancing the company’s needs with the employee’s professional development goals. Let them help determine projects and set timelines. Give your employees some authority in planning their productivity and analyzing their performance. This autonomy will motivate them to work hard to achieve these goals.
  • Offer assignments and projects with meaning. At the end of the day, employees want to know they made a difference. Give them opportunities to lead teams, head committees or try out new initiatives. Provide chances to make decisions on projects and be creative with their work.
  • Help them master soft skills. Offer catered lunches with workshops on communication or time management. Give them access to professional development sessions that have hands-on training with new technology. If possible, approve opportunities to go to conferences or off-site job training. Online conferences present a great opportunity for professional development at a manageable cost.

Long Island Temps understands the seriousness of high employee turnover. We know your business can’t grow if your staff is constantly walking through a revolving door. Not only can we make recommendations for increasing employee retention, we can also help you replace workers quickly and effectively. We carefully screen our candidates, ensuring the job and company is a win-win for both client and employee alike. Contact us today to see how we can revolutionize your hiring process!