Are You Living a Happy Life?

Tracey Minella| March 18, 2016| News

It’s the #International Day of Happiness this Sunday…a day where people worldwide pledge to take action to create a happier life for themselves and others. The day’s sponsor,, even offers a free downloadable Happiness Guidebook.

Sowhat makes YOU happy? Is it time or money? Possessions or people? Experiences or something else? Give it some serious thought.

What can you do to be happier in your personal or professional life? Is your job putting a strain on your personal life or your health? After a long workday and a grueling commute are you too wiped out for any fun? During winter weekdays, do you even get to see your house in the daylight?

Look, everyone loves clocking out on Friday afternoon with the whole weekend of freedom ahead. (Can you say “Happy Hour”?) But if you’re just living for the weekends, the stress can’t be good for your happiness quotient. After all, how much fun (and how little sleep) can you cram into those precious 64 hours before you clock in again?

If you think a career change might boost your happiness, you should check out Long Island Temps’ Open House on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at 1400 Old Country Road, Suite 101, Westbury, NY 11590. (If you can’t attend, you can send in your resume for an evaluation!) Please email  or call (516) 777-8367 with any questions.

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Meanwhile, here are some fun events for the upcoming weekend that may help boost your happiness as spring arrives on Long Island. (Well, at least until that projected snowstorm hits on Sunday!)