April Fools Sticky Notes

April Fool’s Day Office Pranks

Tracey Minella| March 30, 2016| Nassau Jobs

Who hasn’t occasionally daydreamed at their desk of the perfect office prank?

How many times have you caught yourself thinking “If only I could do this to Mr. Big” or “Wouldn’t it be hysterical if I did that to Ms. Crabapple?”

Admit it. You’ve probably imagined everything from innocent funny pranks to, well, elaborate sinister plots of revenge depending on the target. So, while there is more leeway in personal jokes with your family and friends, you need to be extra careful when planning an office prank for April Fool’s Day.

Consider the target: Do they have a sense of humor? If it’s the office witch, chances are she’s not going to laugh at it. If it’s the office clown, the sky’s the limit. If it’s the boss…well, you’d better be an indispensable employee (or have great dirt on him).

Consider the prank: Is it going to get you in hot water? Will it give rise to a claim of insubordination or sexual harassment? Can someone get hurt? It’s all fun and games until Human Resources comes in. And cell phones are everywhere…

Consider your inner voice: If that proverbial angel on your shoulder is telling you this prank is a bad idea, and the devil on the other shoulder is egging you on, go with the halo. The unemployment line isn’t a funny place.

So what kind of fun can you have then?

Office fridge pranks are countless, including the head-in-a-jar (enlarged headshot photo inserted in a giant mason jar and filled with colored water) and the yogurt-filled mayo jar lunch which can be laugh (or vomit) inducing fun. (But be careful not to break any company rules on food-handling, especially related to food allergies, if you’re thinking of messing with someone’s lunch.)

Rearranging the office furniture is a classic. There are plenty of ways to “redecorate” a co-worker’s cubicle with Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus pics or fan stuff from a team they despise. Or wrap it up in plastic wrap. And changing the language on their computer screens or phones can be fun. Taping pretend voice-activated instructions on the copier is harmless. And whoopee cushions never go out of style. Balloon-filled rooms or cars are cool, too.

If you’re into Pinterest® there are many office prank ideas to choose from. If not, consider these 10 pranks from Mashable®

So put on your thinking cap and pick the fun that works for your particular office crew. A well-planned and executed prank has the potential fun and stress relief that everyone needs. Don’t miss the one day you can get away with it.*

*But whatever you do, don’t blame us…can you say “disclaimer” right here!