A Six-Month Job Interview? Embrace Temp-to-Hire

Matt| October 7, 2015| Managers

How many times have you shaken hands with the perfect hire, only to repost the position again in a few short months? Using the right strategies during a job interview can help you eliminate the red flags, but there are still no guarantees about job performance. Even after calling all references, asking tough questions and scouring their resume, bringing on a new hire always poses some element of risk.

What if you could test drive a candidate like a new car? That’s where temp-to-hire candidates come in. A staffing firm like Long Island Temps can connect you with candidates to hire for temporary positions, with the chance of moving into a permanent job after a certain period of time. With a temporary employee in the seat, projects don’t fall behind and productivity stays high. At the same time, you can fully vet the employee for weeks or months to decide if they are the best fit for your company. Below are some areas where you want your temp-to-hire employees to excel:


Many people think being reliable simply means being on time. However, you should look for a temp-to-hire candidate who goes beyond that definition. With a temp-to-hire employee, you can see firsthand if they meet or exceed deadlines, turn in high-quality work and offer assistance to other workers. Bonus: Look for a temp-to-hire candidate who often accepts additional assignments or tasks, creating a reputation for being available in a pinch.


Any candidate who wants a permanent job should act like it from day one. A number of signs indicate that a temp-to-hire employee would make a good permanent addition: Arrive early, stay late, show extra commitment and interest in the overall company mission. It won’t take long for you to see if a temp-to-hire employee is excited to be a part of this company. Observing low enthusiasm reveals the employee might not be entirely invested in this job.


A temp-to-hire employee who interacts with  other employees in the workforce shows they are fitting in with the company culture. They don’t necessarily have to develop relationships right away, but if their personalities are courteous, inquisitive and personable, then you know they will fit in both professionally and personally.


A temp-to-hire situation allows you to thoughtfully examine a candidate’s skills and knowledge. You’ll get a chance to observe the transferable skills that make an employee more useful. Knowledge that may not have come up in the interview can emerge in just a few short weeks while on the job. Be sure you know what you want – a receptionist with technology skills, an IT professional with strong interpersonal skills, or an account manager with project management experience.

Think of a temporary job like an audition. In some cases, the interview simply isn’t enough time to determine if a candidate will be the best fit for the part. That’s why the variety of employment opportunities at Long Island Temps can be helpful. We take the time to understand your company’s specific needs, so we can match you with the right candidates. Contact us today and allow our elite team of recruiters to identify the right temp-to-hire candidates for you.