6 Tips for Summer Casual Dress Code

Tracey Minella| May 26, 2016| Nassau Jobs

Daydreaming about the big weekend? That’s not the only thing that can get you in trouble at work. Misinterpreting what defines “summer casual dress code” is another.

Whether just on Fridays or all week long, warm weather often means a casual dress code at the office. So if you are lucky enough to work for a company that offers dress down days, here are…

6 Tips for Summer Casual Dress Code Success:

  1. Follow the rules: If there is an actual written code, follow it. It’s best to take it seriously. It doesn’t matter that the boss’ niece doesn’t follow it.
  2. Barbeque test: Look in the mirror and decide which accessory goes better with that get-up… a briefcase or a case of beer? If you’d wear it to flip burgers, don’t wear it to the office.
  3. Dress appropriately for the weather: Remember to carry an umbrella for those impromptu summer thunderstorms. And speaking of weather, a meteorologist was recently called out on live TV and forced to don a sweater for wearing a short, black, strappy cocktail dress on the air. Make good choices. Or someone may drop a librarian sweater on you, too.
  4. Beach test: Similar to the barbeque test. If you could swim in it, gym in it, sunbathe in it, or see through it, it’s not cubicle-chic attire.
  5. Take stock of tattoos: Yes, a touchy topic. Summer clothes for men and women can expose inked body parts that are normally hidden by long-sleeved dress shirts or dresses. Tattoos can be awesome, but not all are appropriate in every workplace situation.(Yes, life’s unfair.)
  6. Toe test: Flip-flops are rarely okay in an office because they are ubercasual and can actually be hazardous depending on the workplace.

Seriously, be tasteful and show some respect. Clean, pressed clothes that fit well and look like “business casual” are best. Shorts, mini-skirts, crop tops—no, no, and no. Khakis and a golf shirt or oxford shirt without a tie are usually safe for men. If jeans are allowed, resist the trendy ripped ones. Bring a cardigan (aka librarian sweater) in case the A/C is subzero…or you thought #3 above didn’t apply to you.

Remember, the company didn’t have to offer this perk, so be thankful and don’t take advantage.

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