5 Ways to Stay Motivated During a Long Job Search

Brittany Carpenter| November 6, 2017| Job Search

As you’re most certainly aware, job hunting can be a long and discouraging process that has the potential to stretch on for several months. After applying to hundreds of jobs and sending out dozens of resumes, it’s easy to want to convince yourself that your job search is a lost cause. Of course, that’s not the case! Regardless of skills and experience level, job hunting takes time and a whole lot of patience. The key is to hang in there and stay motivated so that you make the most of your free time. Here are some tips to help keep you on the right path:

Stick to A Routine

With your newfound free time it might be tempting to spend all day in bed watching TV. While everyone deserves a day off, it’s important to develop a schedule to keep you on track. Having a routine that includes getting up at a consistent hour and dressed for the day, as though you are going to work while committing to doing something that will benefit your job hunting process for a set amount of time each day is certainly a positive step. In a time of uncertainty routines are a way to maintain a positive outlook in your life.

Find a Balance

It’s no secret that job searching can be frustrating. When your head isn’t in the right place it’s important to take a break so that you can refresh and start the process again with a better mindset. While you should treat job hunting as your full-time job, give yourself one day off a week and plan something fun for yourself. Taking a break every so often during this difficult process is necessary so that you’re able to continue to persevere. Consider finding volunteer work, which can give you a chance to have fun, improve your skills and learn new ones.

Keep Your Goals in Sight

Specify what direction you’d like to be moving in: what types of jobs are you looking for? How are you going to find available opportunities? It’s important to find a focus for your job hunt and stick to it. Consider joining groups that might help you find work whether through Facebook, in-person networking or other means of reaching the right people. Make an effort to keep your skills fresh by staying up to date with current events or anything that might be happening in your desired industry. This will help you to stay connected. That perfect job is out there somewhere -make sure you’re taking the proper steps to get there.

Reward Yourself

Take time to celebrate the little things. Received a callback? Sent out 30 resumes today? Reward yourself from time to time for all the hard work you’re doing! Set weekly short and long-term goals to advance yourself and then celebrate once you’ve achieved them. Job searching is no easy task, so recognize all the time and effort you are putting into it.

Practice Positive Thinking

It might be difficult to avoid getting discouraged but remember these things take a while. Remove negative phrases like “What’s the point” or “I’ll never get it” from your vocabulary, as they’ll only drag you down. Don’t be hard on yourself and remember all that you have accomplished so far. When your job search truly feels like it’s going nowhere, surround yourself with positive people and lean on your support group to help you brainstorm new job-seeking strategies. Above all else, maintain a sense of humor. It’s really a wonder how laughter can be such a motivational force in keeping a positive perspective.