4 Quick Ways to Declutter Your Resume

Brittany Carpenter| September 23, 2017| Job Search

You have a few brief moments to grab the attention of a person reading your resume before it lands in the rejection pile. In fact, the average amount of time a person initially spends reviewing your resume is a mere 6 seconds. With such a short window of time to leave a lasting impression, it’s important to set yourself apart and stand out amongst a vast sea of applicants. Make those seconds really count by decluttering your resume.

Leave References Off

Every inch of your resume is precious real estate to showcase your skills and experience. Don’t waste valuable room listing “References available upon request.” It is generally understood that if a position requires references you’ll be asked to provide them —either when filling out the application or following an interview, usually indicating you are moving forward in the hiring process.

Put an End to Objective Statements

Objective statements are a thing of the past. They tell employers what you want in a job; rather than how you can be of value to them and which skills you bring to the table. Instead, present an impressive, concise summary with a branding statement (we even wrote a blog about this, which you can read here!) that will leave them wanting more.


If you’ve amassed a large work history, it’s important to prioritize the jobs you decide to list and which ones you forgo. Chances are if you are working in an IT position, the pizza delivery job you once held is no longer relevant. Try to narrow things down by only listing jobs that are in the same field you’re applying to, or positions you’ve held where you gained transferable skills relevant to your field of interest.

To Hobby or Not to Hobby?

You should only add a hobby to your resume if you think it is applicable or if you held a leadership role in this activity. For example: If you are seeking a personal trainer position it makes sense to state you regularly mountain bike as it showcases your athletic ability. Whereas knitting as a hobby, when applying for a marketing position, is simply a waste of space. Resumes should highlight skills and accomplishments that align with your career.

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