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July Jobs Report

July Jobs Report: Growth Remains Strong

It has been a strong summer for jobs in the United States. In the month of July alone, the US added a 209,000 non-farm jobs, more than the originally expected 183,000. The unemployment rates also dipped to 4.3%, like we previously saw in the month of May. This is the lowest unemployment rate we’ve seen […]

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How To Explain Gaps In Your Resume

Trying to explain a gap in employment history can be a source of anxiety for job seekers. Many aren’t quite sure how to convince hiring managers that despite time gaps between positions, they are still qualified candidates. The good news is that this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. What matters most is actually how you […]

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References: They Can Make Or Break You

While candidates are busy pouring over their resumes to make sure everything is perfect down to the punctuation, there seems to be one part of the job seeking process that people snooze on. Be honest: how much time did you actually spend compiling your reference list? If you had to pause and think, then it’s […]

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Question Blog

Interviewees: What Questions To Ask Your Potential Employer

Your interview is going really well –you’re nailing the questions they throw at you, your qualifications align with the position, and the company seems like a good fit. The end of the interview then approaches and they ask, “Do you have any questions?” This is where people tend to stumble. Even if you rocked that interview, […]

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Calling All Graduates: How a Temp Job Can Kickstart Your Career

May is fast approaching, and so comes that time of year again where college students are on the hunt for post-graduation jobs. Upon spending thousands of dollars on a well-earned degree, graduates are eager to seek out positions that will help to pay off their college loans. After all, the average college student has roughly […]

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Is that a Stress Ball in Your Pocket…or Are You Just Unhappy to See Me?

April is Stress Awareness Month, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that long hours at work, a difficult or unappreciative supervisor, a long commute…or all of the above… could add up to some serious stress. So now is the perfect time to take a deep breath, step back, and evaluate whether […]

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April Fools Sticky Notes

April Fool’s Day Office Pranks

Who hasn’t occasionally daydreamed at their desk of the perfect office prank? How many times have you caught yourself thinking “If only I could do this to Mr. Big” or “Wouldn’t it be hysterical if I did that to Ms. Crabapple?” Admit it. You’ve probably imagined everything from innocent funny pranks to, well, elaborate sinister […]

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Are You Living a Happy Life?

It’s the #International Day of Happiness this Sunday…a day where people worldwide pledge to take action to create a happier life for themselves and others. The day’s sponsor,, even offers a free downloadable Happiness Guidebook. So… what makes YOU happy? Is it time or money? Possessions or people? Experiences or something else? Give it […]

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Thank You Notes – Is Email Good Enough?

Given the long-range and fast-paced nature of electronic communications in the 21st century, many of us tend to fall into the habit of relying on such methods, including email, to interact with friends, family members, peers and co-workers. While this behavior is perfectly acceptable in many scenarios, there are still some documents that have a […]

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Be Thankful for Your Staff!

Ensuring your employees know that their work is appreciated, while crucial to the long-term success of a company, is anything but a straightforward process. Although you always want to take the time to recognize the significant achievements and contributions of individual employees, it’s important to accomplish in a manner that doesn’t come across as favoritism. […]

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